COMBO 1&2 - DiscoverTheOldTown & Walls&Wars

For those wanting to truly experience the best of Dubrovnik, we invite you to combine both walks on one ticket - at a discount!

Please join either our Discover the old town walk or Dubrovnik Walls & Wars walk at any schedule time and request a combo ticket. This ticket will allow you to take the remaining walk at any other scheduled time at your convenience.

Total duration is 3,5 hours, but please keep in mind that these are 2 separate tours, that you can do both in the same day or days apart.
All you need to keep in mind are the scheduled times. Ie. you can combine Walls tour at 9:30 am with Discover the old town tour at 12 and be done with both by 1:30 pm. Or you can do one on one day and the second one on another. We are that flexible.
Also please bear in mind that the Walls tour involves stairs, so it is not suitable for pregnant women, small children (strollers) or disabled persons.


General introductory tour of the old town

Did you know that Dubrovnik was one of the most prosperous and advanced maritime republics of all time? On this historic walk, you'll travel through the heart of the old town and witness the impressive economic, social, and cultural achievements of Dubrovnik over the centuries.

Starting by Pile Gate, you'll discover many essential old town landmarks such as the Franciscan Monastery, D'Onofrio's Fountain, Orlando's Column, and Rector's Palace.

You'll hear some of the fascinating stories and remarkable facts from around 1,400 years of Dubrovnik history, including the classic period of the Republic of Ragusa. It is an excellent introduction to the old town.


Do you know that Dubrovnik was protected by both defensive fortifications and the diplomatic skills of its leaders? This historic walk will focus on the defensive and political challenges faced by Dubrovnik in its struggle to survive as a tiny (yet prosperous) independent republic facing serious threats from powerful and dangerous enemies. Over the centuries, the leaders and the walls of Dubrovnik both held firm.

Your guide will lead you on top of and around the city walls for breath-taking views of the port and the old town. You'll discover Revelin Fortress, Minceta Tower, Lovrijenac Fortress and more - and why the city walls served as essential structures protecting the people and wealth of the old town for centuries.

This tour is a bit steep due to all the stairs on the city walls and therefore not suitable for everyone.
It is focused on defense and fortification system of Dubrovnik.

Intrigued by our rivals, enemies, conflicts and wars? Then this is a perfect tour for you!

How & when?

Meet your guide at the Meeting Point 5-15 minutes before the starting time.
You'll see a Dubrovnik Walks sign - you can buy a ticket on the spot. No need to reserve in advance, but if you do book, please note you need to come at the time you are booked for. See you there!

The two walks can be used days apart, or same day. Please note that they don't run consecutively, but according to this schedule:


APRIL 2017
DAILY at 10 AM, 12 PM & 6 PM (no 1 pm tour)
PRICE: 100 KN (14 Eur per person)

MAY - OCTOBER 31st 2017
DAILY at 10 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM & 6 PM
PRICE: 100 KN (14 Eur per person)

DAILY at 9:30 AM & 3:30 PM

DAILY at 9:30 AM and at 5:30 PM

This means that in May/June/September or October you can do the morning walk 2 (Walls & Wars) at 9:30 am and afternoon walk 1 (Discover the old town) at 6 pm, or you can use the guided walk 1 at 10 am/12 pm/1 pm and afternoon walk 2 at 3:30 pm.

In July/August you can do the morning walk 2 (Walls & Wars)at 9:30 am and then the walk 1 (Discover the old town) at 12 pm / 1 pm or 6 pm, or you can do the walk 1 at 10 am / 12 pm / 1 pm and walk 2 at 5:30 pm.
Same day or days apart. If you are booking, just please inform us when you'd like to do which tour.


for all our tours in in front of Sky bar nightclub (ex Fuego) in Pile area, right by the bus stop. Pile is the last bus / taxi stop when heading towards the old town.

Booking for our daily tours is not required (April - November). However, if you do book (via our or any other website) please note that you need to come at the time you chose to book. We will not accept alternative days or times other than the one stated on your voucher.
Booking for our tours in November, December and March IS REQUIRED. A minimum of 2 applies. (see point #4)

Also, if you book a walking tour, please note a refund is an option ONLY if you cancel 24 hours before the tour or if we (for poor weather or another reason) cancel the tour. We deserve the right to refuse the refund if you don't request it up to 5 days after the tour.

Our only requirement for a guaranteed departure of all our daily walking tours is to have a minimum of 4 people.
Please note that we require a minimum of 4 people per walk in order to guarantee a departure of each daily scheduled guided walk. For winter tours we need a minimum of 2.
In case less than 4 people turn up, on spot you'll be offered 3 options:

1.) to pay for additional tickets, to reach the minimum of 4; this way you might have a private tour at bargain price
2.) to come back at another scheduled time (again a min of 4 policy applies)
3.) to get a full refund

Also, if a weather goes really crazy, we might cancel the tour. A reschedule or a refund will be offered in this case, but only if we cancel the tour. How will you know for sure? Contact us (click on the upper right corner).

For everything else, please contact us, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
3.5 hours combined (1.5 + 2 hours)
210 kn per person (28 Eur per person) + the city walls fee (150 kn in 2017; around 20 Eur per person)
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