An absolutely unique view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and its history. Everything becomes especially interesting from the kayak. I heard many beautiful stories about the city and people. Excursion prices are reasonable and worth every cent. The guide was great and very informative. I also went on a walking tour and I was blown away by the city, the guides, and the whole team. They brightened up my long-awaited vacation. Thanks to Maris and Mark who were extremely kind. I highly recommend Dubrovnik Walks - and every excursion with them, because you will be happy and you will definitely remember these experiences!


I booked the Walls and War walking tour. I highly recommend visiting the town walls. A beautiful and imposing piece of history. Goran was a fantastic guide. He had lots of information and stories about not just the history of the City Walls but of Dubrovnik through the Centuries. He was alao really open to any questions people had and very approachable. He is also an awesome photographer. As a solo ttaveller he helped me to get some memories which I normally wouldnt habe been able to alone. And the views are spectacular. Thank you

Lindsay L.

Did the sunset kayaking tour with Domagoj and had a lovely time! He was knowledgeable and hospitable, teaching us about the history of the city and giving recommendations for places to visit after. The tour itself was beautiful and we had so much fun snorkeling in the cave! Highly recommend


I had a wonderful experience with Dubrovnik Walks. I emailed them trying to plan a custom tour of the old town - they were very responsive and helpful and I immediately booked. We opted for a 2 hour private game of thrones custom tour. Our guide ALEX was wonderful - she was funny and kind and patient. She was very knowledgeable and her passion for sharing her country with others is apparent. Thank you for making our 1 day in Dubrovnik unforgettable !

Jim P.

Davor was a very insightful and knowledgeable tour guide for Dubrovnik from its inception through modern day. Appreciated the history and information and the 6 pm tour was a perfect time of day in July for the heat of the day to be behind us.


The tour guide was Gorun, he did a great job, he explained a lot of scenes from the got, and told us many other interesting facts as well. We did the 5 pm tour, it was hot, but manageable.


Very well organized and excellent client management. All staff is super gentle. I did two tours: Game of Thrones and Old City. I thought they might be redundant, but they absolutely are not. GOT tour is just for super fans. Aleksandra knows all the details about the show and its shooting in Dubrovnik (and elsewhere, really). Quite a few insiders about the making of. Davor, our guide for the Old City tour gave us a comprehensive class about the history of Dubrovnik and about the most important parts / buildings of the city.

Peter W

We did the sunset kayak trip and it was excellent! Our guide Nick was terrific and we really enjoyed the entire experience. Such a beautiful tour!


Tour guide was excellent and the views were incredible.


This was a really fun day. It’s ok if you don’t have any experience in kayaking you should get it by the end of the day. The guides were great and allowed you to choose to spend more time on the beach or do more kayaking around Lokrum which was great if you want more sport or leisure. Overall i would advice you to be decently in shape and enjoy your time


Great fun and the guides are very nice and professional! We had a blast! And the sunset was amazing!!!


Our guide was the best! We loved his history talks and the information he provided. Very kind and patient with everyone on the tour. Having a wine at the end and revelling in his stories topped off our evening.


La combinación de escenarios de Juego de Tronos e historia de la ciudad de Dubrovnik estuvo bien equilibrada. Muy buena guía.

Ana María

Nos encantó!! La guía Jelena maravillosa, nos contó historia de Dubrovnik y Croacia mezclado con Juego de Tronos de manera muy amena. Totalmente recomendable!!

Yasmine Aguilar García

Me encantó, lo recomiendo sobre todo a principios del viaje,, así te haces una idea de los mejores sitios para las fotos, te aprendes más curiosidades sobre la historia y te pueden aconsejar alguna playa, muy divertido

Claudia Guevara

Me encanto! La Guia hablaba muy bien español, fue muy amena y simpática. Sabia mucho de GOT y de la historia de Dubrovnik. Quede encantada con el tour!

Beatriz Hebe Lopez

Excelente la guía, Katia, con empeño y simpatía trató de transferir todo su conocimiento e información a los turistas. Muy agradable, respetuosa y competente. Bien por ella!! Y hermosa ciudad Dubrovnik.


Excelente!! y la guía turística, la mejor que he escuchado en un tour. Muy amable y atenta por todos. Gracias por todo!


Tour muy completo, perfectamente guiado y explicado con imágenes y referencias de todo tipo. Si eres fan de la serie, lo vas a disfrutar. Nos vimos obligados a coger el tour de las 2 de la tarde (en pleno agosto) y aún así la guía fue fantástica, buscó siempre sombras y buenos espacios, y el tour se nos pasó volando (son 2 horas). ¡Una pasada!

Miguel Rivas Rodriguez

Todo perfecto. A prartebde descubrir los rincones de GOT, aprendes curiosidades de la ciudad, y la guía, Helena, lo hace muy muy divertido. 100% recomendable.


Nuestra guía fue Jelena y fue excelente! Nos mostró todas las locaciones de la serie y lo explico muy bien!!! Súper recomiendo el tour!!!


Hemos hecho el tour con la guía Katija, es fantástica y habla muy muy bien español. El tour es súper interesante. Es importante estar mentalizado de que habrá que subir muchas escaleras y que hace bastante calor al mediodía. Aún así, merece la pena subir a la Fortaleza.

Beatriz García Sánchez

Vale la pena, no sólo te explica la historia de la ciudad (que puedes leer en cualquier guía), sino que te ubica sobre el conflicto de los Balcanes indispensable para entender la cultura croata. Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo

Nati Zanier

Muy buena la visita guiada por el casco antiguo! 10 puntos la guía. Explicó con mucha claridad y siempre predispuesta a responder todas las inquietudes.

Vanesa Merino Acuña

Katia fue una guía estupenda, nos dio muchísimos apuntes históricos y artísticos, el tour se nos pasó volando . Muy recomendable

José Antonio

Jelena fue una excelente guía, hizo el tour muy ameno, interesante en cuanto a información y atendió muy bien a nuestras cuestiones. Agradecimos su gran dominio del idioma español, su simpatía y amabilidad.


Totalmente recomendable para conocer la esencia y las curiosidades de la ciudad. Además nuestra guía, Jelena, nos dio las explicaciones necesarias para entender la historia de la zona.

Almudena Perez Iglesias

Jelena fue una guía excepcional dándonos una visión histórica muy completa de Dubrovnik. Muy recomendable


The kayak trip was well organized, safe, and well run. The guides were helpful and instructive and informative. People of various kayak abilities and experience all seemed to be comfortable. We stopped for an hour of swimming and snorkeling at a cave. It was a great afternoon.

Nicolle Z

Best way to see Dubrovnik, and fun! The guide was extremely knowledgeable and encouraging to our group who was certainly getting tired, but he made it fun and exciting the entire time. Best experience in Dubrovnik.


What a professional service. We really enjoyed this so much , the kayaking and the snorkelling and the swim in the sea !!! Def recommend this activity !

Stacey G

We knew we wanted to do a sunset kayak tour but hadn’t booked anything. After our great experience with Dubrovnik walks on our GOT tour we chose to book with them and were not disappointed. Unlike other tours, this one is capped at 6 kayaks which makes for a super intimate experience. It is quite hard work if you’re not the most fit person but the guide makes sure you stop to rest regularly and the view when the sun goes down makes this totally worthwhile.


Always wanted to go kayaking. Couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to start. Guide was great and very informative. Sandwich and water tasted like nectar after you have worked for it!! Stopped in a large cavern for lunch with a spot of snorkelling. Fantastic would do it again tomorrow, and the next day and.....


Our guide Jadranka (whom we had for both our tours) was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and fun. We learnt a lot about the history of medieval Dubrovnik (back when it was the Republic of Ragusa) to 19th century Dubrovnik, as well as the more recent history of the war when Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia.The City Walls did not feel very physically taxing despite the many stairs and steep climb, because she provided us with sufficient breaks through the tour.Can't recommend this tour combo enough if you really want to immerse yourself in history of Dubrovnik.


Marco was my guide on the City Tour - He had great historical knowledge of both ancient and modern history & having been a child in the Old City he brought to life his experience. His storytelling was very engaging with a touch of drama! A funny guy too! Davor was the guide for the Walls tour - again a passionate Croat with great historical knowledge and humour. His storytelling of the ‘Homeland’ war was particularly poignant having lived through it as a young man.


Our guides jadranka and branko were very passionate, they were really interesting to listen to. They interacted with us really well. It was great bring in a small group. Both guides were happy to take time to answer our questions. Highly recommend both tours.


These are two separate tours scheduled into one afternoon for one price (plus Wall entrance fee which is $30 USD). There were two different tour guides BRENKO and DAVOR who were BOTH Excellent! It was like being with college professors who were passionate about their subject, which was basically the history of the country they loved. These men spoke at great length with great eloquence (and humor) and it seemed as if they could go on for hours after the tour ended. A very pleasant surprise for a tour at this price point and duration. Thank you.


Our guide Davor was passionate about his homeland. We enjoyed learning about Dubrovnik’s history! After walking the town, it was great to go up on the wall where we had gorgeous views.

Alicia E

Davor was an amazing tour guide! One of the best tours I had on this trip, I highly recommend to any traveler who doesn't have trouble with walking.


Jelena was so knowledgeable and passionate about Dubrovnik and all of the game of thrones sites. We found her so helpful, friendly and lovely. She also made a great photographer! Would definitely recommend, thank you Jelena


She explained everything with details, asked all our questions, and she was able to explain so many complex things in a simple way, something that we all appreciated.


The tour covered all the most important highlights of Dubrovnik’s history and Game of Thrones filming locations. Our guide Davor shared loads of information/anecdotes with us that made the tour really fun and interesting! There’s so much to discover in Dubrovnik and we enjoyed learning about the city’s unique history! We also booked kayaking with them.


The Mini Combo tour was just right for us. The cheesemaker tour guide was great by mixing the history of Dubrovnik with Game of Thrones information. He told us many interesting stories and facts. We highly recommend this tour!


Our walk with guide Marco was excellent. He had a lot of knowledge on history and the city, and took us from Roman times to present-day. He was good at involving our kids and keeping them interested. He was very conscious on everyone's safety and physical conditions as well, pacing the tour appropriately.You're given a headset with an earpiece to better hear the guide which helps alot.Be prepared for a 2-hour 2-kilometer tour around the wall, moving up and down stairs. Bring water, sunscreen and a hat. There are a few places along the wall that do have toilets but best to hit the toilet before you start..Amazing views of the city and surrounding area, I definitely recommend it.


Davos was our tour guide on a very hot sticky afternoon. We followed him up many many steps in the heat but it was so worth it. The views of the city are breath taking and Davos's amusing account of the historical background of the walls was very entertaining. For 2 hours he very eloquently outlined the main events of the past which have impacted on the city and the country. You will enjoy this tour - Davos is clearly very passionate and well informed about his country's history. And the walls are amazing


The meeting point was easy to find and the app helped by tracking your location. The guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the wall and it’s developed. The timing of our tour, at sunset, was wonderful as we were able to capture amazing photos of the city, as well as not having the heat of the day.


We were lucky to have Jelena as our tour guide. Jelena was so passionate, knowledgeable and informative. The tour itself lasted just over the two hours which taught us so much, plus we were lucky to be in a small group so it felt very personal. Would highly recommend, thank you.

Ivan Riccardi

This tour is awsome! it is a great way to learn about Dubrovnik and provides very good sightseeing as well. We were extremely lucky to be with Jadranka (our guide), she is super knowledgeable about the city and Croatian culture, kind and attentive.


We had an excellent guide who gave us an entertaining and well informed historic summary and perspective on the walled city of Dubrovnik. I would highly recommend this tour to any visitor.

Charlotte N

Absolutely fantastic guide. Who knew exactly what she was talking about! Could answer all of the questions the group had. Would reccommend wearing sensible shoes as the pathways can be quite uneven


We enjoyed a wonderful tour ! Branko our guide showed us the different Game of Thrones locations but he also did an excellent job of providing some real historical information into the tour. He was very nice and friendly making sure that everyone in the group gets caught up specially in walking the high steps up the hilly parts of the location :) He made it really interesting and entertaining even for those who have not watched GoT - he also provided some helpful tips at the end of the tour. We came from a cruise with very limited time so the company Dubrovnik Walks recommended that we do the photo on the replica throne right before the beginning of tour... truly enjoyable !!


Marco was our guide and he was brilliant! He was funny, interesting and knew everything there was to know. We visited lots of scenes such as Black Water Bay, The Red Keep, the purple wedding, saw there little fingers brothel was and of course the famous walk of shame. To which my partner had to shout shame shame as I walked down the steps. Over all, was a well spent couple of hours and it makes you appreciate how much effort went into producing the great TV show. Could praise Marko enough. If you want a GOT tour, this is the one to go with!


Good tour with a great guide (Jadranka). She had a lot of interesting information both about GOT but also about the city in general. I liked that she had a book of photos of scenes from the show so you could see the locations in context on the show. Athough we went on this tour in late Octoberit was very hot, so I don't know how this tour is when it's summer but I'm guessing it's even hotter and the risk to get a sunburn is probably very high since we were out in the sun and almost got no shade for 2 hours. So just think about that and bring sunscreen!Overall a really good tour and I would really recommend it!


Jelena was phenomenal! We loved, loved this tour. She showed us pictures from the show and explained how things were shot. It was so interesting and we were big Game of Thrones fans so this was one of our favorite tours.


On 16th October we took the opportunity to take a guided walk throgh Dubrovnik with Branko, easily the most informed and enthusiastic guide we have had the privilege of meeting over years of continental holidays! What he did not know about Dubrovnik does not exist! Don't pass up the opportunity to take a guided walk with this gentleman if you're in this town!

Ivan Riccardi

Great way to get to know to the city from the inside. We were with Jadranka (great local tour guide) who gave a lot of details and great ideas of where to go, what to visit etc...


Thank you to our amusing and informative guide Marko. An easy listening tour of the old town. He even managaed to keep the kids in the group entertained. Marko hope you have a well deserved vacation

Kayla S

Jadranka was a wonderful tour guide! She was very knowledge and delivered a ton of information in a fun and engaging format. I learned a lot and had a great time! I would recommend to anyone!


We really loved the walking tour of Dubrovnik. It is a beautiful city with loads of history. Our guide was knowledgeable and very entertaining. I would strongly recommend this walking tour.